about Vintage Omega Genève


As with many things, beauty is in the beholder's eye. The certainly does not lack any of the world-class craftsmanship of Omega.

The vintage Genèves are inclined to be the most popular of the collection thanks to its design and its dial. Models like the Omega Genève Calendar 1061 are skinnier also, as a result of this Omega 1030 manually wound movement.

Expertly blending simplicity with decadence, this Omega watch is certain to bring out the suave for you personally.

Milan Hosts the 86th MICAM Showcasing the World’s Best Footwear


The edition of MICAM launched on September 16th 2018 at Milan's Fiera Milano Rho. This trade fair is an opportunity for people in the footwear sector to showcase their designs and collections . With so many as 1,400 exhibitors, adding around 800 Italian exhibitors, it's a chance for shoe makers and designers to reveal their collections that are best and the quality craftsmanship that comes. The MICAM honest is the perfect platform to display the best of Italian design into a truly global market, with more than half of the annual presence being from foreign exchange.

Very worth seeing and exciting


The Elevator showroom, starting in Milan on 1st December -- it's the elevator showroom anywhere in the world where prior to purchasing, you can try on stuff and see leathers and styles. And discretion and secrecy's options are well covered.

I know what you're saying or may be thinking --"No way do I wanna go into someplace and be seen trying on lifts. Aaaargh!" . That is nicely covered. As it's about the luxurious first floor of a historical 18th century building, the place is unobtrusive, with no windows and its own entrance to the world.

Panthere de Cartier Watch-Cuff in Yellow Gold


Picking the proper strap dimensions will no longer be a problem with this cuff watch which Panthere de Cartier offers. A really unique design is a big conversation starter.

Its dial is positioned slightly to one side of the barbell, displaying a look. Its cuff can also be pieced together using open-work maillon links to reveal glimpses of the skin. Handcrafted and place with an 18K yellow gold case and bracelet, this work of art includes the silver dial and hands.

tips for successful height addition

elevator loafer shoes

Start out even if this means lifts Take it at a pace that is sensible, particularly in the event that you've not additional height before. Eg do NOT attempt to place height that is added that is too much . It will only set you away from the excellent stuff that you might reach in the future with lifts.

Get to understand (to a degree) footwear: the fit and space available for extra height becomes an issue if you are going taller, you may avoid possible problems by acquiring a grasp for an early period of what can and cannot be carried out.

House Slippers Are Overrated. Get These Instead


Homes turned to offices when orders were enacted along with also the need to delineate between both became evident. We scrambled to brace for impact, but also to accommodate for our new normals, eyeing everything and to adapt. We realized our home decor lacked desk chairs and desks. We didn't understand how to bake bread, let alone have the proper ingredients and tools to achieve that. While many still get dressed to go to the office (kitchen tables, as it happens, are desk height), others stay loyal pajama stans.