6 Common Wedding Makeup Mistakes

Brides wedding makeup is also important ,because everyone will looks at your face,if you make a makeup mistake that will give a bad impression for guests.Thus today let's talk about some common wedding makeup mistakes.

1. You wouldn't book a photographer without looking at his portfolio, would you? No. So don't skip scheduling a trial with your makeup artist. This is an important first step because you need to figure out what look you want and make sure you and your makeup artist are on the same page. The last thing you need is a spur-of-the-moment smoky eye when you wanted a lighter look.

2. Looking like someone else on your big day. "This isn't the time to experiment with makeup," celebrity makeup artist Joanna Schlip says. "Meaning if you never wear a smoky eye, this wouldn't be the day to wear one. You should look like the best version of yourself, simply accentuated with makeup, so that your groom recognizes you when you're walking down the aisle."

3. If you're wearing anything strapless or a dress that exposes your chest, arms, back, or legs, you're going to want to address those areas with a non-transferrable shimmer lotion. Otherwise, you run the risk of your skin looking flat and blotchy. Blend a body formula, like Red Carpet Kolour Luminous Body Glow, in with a few drops of foundation to do your neck for a seamless transition from your base makeup. Then, use the same non-transferrable body glow on any exposed areas on the rest of your body.


4. On your wedding day, you're giving hugs and kisses, dancing like a crazy woman, crying your ass off — therefore, you're going to want your primer, foundation, setting powder, blush, eye shadow, mascara — everything — to be budgeproof. That way you don't have to worry about your face slipping off mid father-daughter dance.

5. Keeping all of the makeup looks uniform between you and your bridesmaids. The bride should always stand out from the rest of the bridal party. Sure, you're already wearing a stunning white dress, but makeup-wise, you should also look different. Even tweaking your look slightly will make you that much more of the focus. "If you want to wear a smoky eye, have your bridesmaids do a softer version of the look or an entirely different look altogether," Schlip says.

6. Your wedding day is a really long day; it's not about just looking picture-perfect for the ceremony. So think about packing a touch-up kit, which should include a little bit of everything you used when you first applied your products. That way you can fix up your makeup in the bathroom super quickly if you don't have a pro makeup artist on hand all night.