Karl Lagerfeld Holiday Choupette and Karl Bag: Affordable, Fun, Playful

Karl Lagerfeld Holiday Choupette and Karl Bag

The Karl Lagerfeld Holiday Choupette and Karl Bag released now. Choupette is Karl Lagerfeld’s favorite cat and on the newly made shoulder bag, she is wearing the same cool sunglasses as Karl.

The face of Choupette features a shoulder chain and strap around her ears, which is awesome. The chain and strap can be adjusted to your comfort. The interior comes with an pocket.

Chanel Havana By Night Boy Brick Bag

Chanel Havana By Night Boy Brick Bag

The ‘Boy Brick' , back again, is a limited edition from the Chanel Cruise 2017 Collection.  It has been modified to fit in this season’s theme – the front is designed with a large golden plate which looks like a belt. The city names ‘Paris’ and ‘Habana’ are printed on it in blue. The center is beautifully crafted with the CC signature, surrounded with little pearls.

The Chanel Boy Brick Bag looks like a lego, which is a squared clutch bag, made from Plexiglas.

New: Chanel Glitter Flap Bag

Chanel Glitter Flap bag

Chanel Glitter Flap bag is a fabulous piece not featured on the Chanel website but we love this bag because it’s so adorable and functional as well.

The overall color of the design is pink, but it’s created with a glittering-effect like little stars with the shinny-effect enhances when you point some lights on it, and this is also the reason why it is a perfect evening item.

New Arrival: Longchamp Mystery Bag

Longchamp mystery bag

The word ‘mystery’ is more than just a word, it also feels like an unopened box and you want to know what’s inside. So when Longchamp created the Mystery Bag, we needed to take a look whether its good or not.

The Longcham Mystery Tote Bag is elegant, informal style and a classic with a twist. The leather feels like it could survive any condition – strong and reliable. Perhaps this should be your everyday bag.

Elegant Chanel Chevron Small Clutch with Chain

Chanel Chevron Small Clutch with Chain

Though it is not a new bag, we’d notice that the Chanel Small Clutch with Chain comes back again and again in every season as it is popular and Chanel knows it.

It’s less expensive than the WOC and it can replace the WOC because both are evening bags.  It is embellished with Chevron Quilting. But we’ve also spotted the same bag in diamond quilting, in the previous collection but it doesn’t really matter, both quilting gives you the timeless feeling.

The bag comes with the iconic CC logo signature on the center top. It features an interwoven chain link strap.

Chanel Pearl Quilted Flap Bag

Chanel pearl quilted flap bag

We know that Chanel moves fast, the previous collection was launched not long ago.  One of the most beautiful bags we’ve spotted for the Cruise 2017 Collection is the Chanel Pearl Quilted Flap Bag. But we’re here to get you prepared. So introducing the Chanel Pearl Embellished Flap Bag.

When Pearl meets Chanel, some magical things can happen, like this bag – irresistible and obsessive, made for you to hunt it down.

Chanel Reissue 2.55 Bi-Quilted Flap Bag

Chanel Reissue 2.55 Bi-Quilted Flap Bag

The Chanel Chevron Classic Flap Bag used to marry the Chanel Reissue 2.55 Flap Bag. They made a baby – Ah, what cute. It got the mademoiselle lock and the chains from the Reissue 2.55 together, which has the Chevron Quilting from the Chevron Bag. The Chanel Reissue 2.55 Bi-Quilted Flap Bag is the first-time ever that Chanel mixed the Chevron Quilting with Diamond Quilting, hence the name Bi-Quilting.

One Of the Best Summer Holiday Accessory-Kate Spade Grapefruit Bag

Kate Spade Grapefruit Bag

This Kate Spade Fancy Grapefruit Bag is so cute. Yes, it’s that perfect cute go-to bag all summer holiday round. Without blinking an eye, your heart knows for sure that you’ll be taking it to the beach, park or at the movies. It’s that gorgeous that you couldn’t resist taking it with you wherever you go.

One Of the Best bag For Summer Holiday-Classic Chloe Studded Faye Bag

Chloe Studded Faye Bag

If you prepare to buy a fashion bag for your holiday, we recommend Chloe is a good choice. The Chloe Faye Bag has existed not long ago and when it was introduced to the public, it immediately became an instant hit. Considered to be one of Chloe’s ‘it’ bag, the Faye bag comes in many versions but this time around, it came out pretty strong in its studded version.