Edox SharkMan 1 Limited Edition Diving Watch

The new Edox SharkMan 1 Limited Edition is a outstanding 45mm professional diver's watch. Just limited to 388 pieces, this high-tech ultra-water-resistant timepiece will be manufactured.  

Water-resistant to 500m the SharkMan 1 Limited Edition sports a spectacular blue/green dial, chronograph functionality, date display and a special engraved case back. The stainless steel watch case mirrors the magnificent blue of the Caribbean Sea.

The SharkMan 1 Limited Edition comes in a distinctive box with a choice of water-resistant black rubber or nylon fabric strap and is the perfect, rugged timepiece for all water-borne activities.

Now world champion freeform ice diver and Edox watch ambassador Christian Redl - ”The SharkMan” - is leading the fight to bring global attention to the plight of the shark.

Redl will play a starring role in a new movie documentary to be released in 2017, Shark Rescue, which will aim to bust the myths about sharks and spell out what needs to be done to save this amazing animal from oblivion. And, as Redl travels the world’s oceans on his mission, he will have then new Edox SharkMan Limited Edition on his wrist.

By wearing the SharkMan 1 Limited Edition you, too, can play a part in spreading the message to help save the shark from the planet’s deadliest predator - man.