elevator shoes

Very worth seeing and exciting


The Elevator showroom, starting in Milan on 1st December -- it's the elevator showroom anywhere in the world where prior to purchasing, you can try on stuff and see leathers and styles. And discretion and secrecy's options are well covered.

I know what you're saying or may be thinking --"No way do I wanna go into someplace and be seen trying on lifts. Aaaargh!" . That is nicely covered. As it's about the luxurious first floor of a historical 18th century building, the place is unobtrusive, with no windows and its own entrance to the world.

Blue and White: A Winning Combination


The white and blue color pairing is synonymous with elegance and the chic nautical trends which make their way to wardrobes of trendy people around the world each summer. However, you don't have to wait until summer to show these colors off. Spring is on its way and the time is perfect for styling a number of those white and blue color trends of the season.