One Of the Best Summer Holiday Accessory-Kate Spade Grapefruit Bag

Kate Spade Grapefruit Bag

This Kate Spade Fancy Grapefruit Bag is so cute. Yes, it’s that perfect cute go-to bag all summer holiday round. Without blinking an eye, your heart knows for sure that you’ll be taking it to the beach, park or at the movies. It’s that gorgeous that you couldn’t resist taking it with you wherever you go.

One Of the Best bag For Summer Holiday-Classic Chloe Studded Faye Bag

Chloe Studded Faye Bag

If you prepare to buy a fashion bag for your holiday, we recommend Chloe is a good choice. The Chloe Faye Bag has existed not long ago and when it was introduced to the public, it immediately became an instant hit. Considered to be one of Chloe’s ‘it’ bag, the Faye bag comes in many versions but this time around, it came out pretty strong in its studded version.

Moschino Resort 2017 Collection Is Colorful And Playful

Moschino Resort 2017 Collection

When you live in Los Angeles, there are inevitably things that you lovingly or derisively call “so” LA. That time that guy you think was on "The Bachelor" a few seasons ago hit on you, when Obama comes to town and traffic is so bad you can't leave the house for 48 hours, or when your friend is on a cleanse so it’s best for everyone to just not hang out with her for its duration. But Friday night's Moschino show was maybe the most fun “so” LA thing I've ever experienced.