Most Impressive Cannes Film Festival Red Carpet Iewellery

Best Jewellery From Cannes Film Festival 2016

As the end of 69th edition of the Cannes Film Festival, we have seen most impressive red carpet jewellery. With such a stunning line-up to choose from, picking our favourite Cannes jewellery has not been an easy task, albeit a very enjoyable one.

Velvet Shoes That Perefect For This Summer

Anticipated Velvet Shoes For Summer 2016

So the summer will coming soon. People will choose a new shoes for their holiday and work. We know what you’re thinking: velvet in the summer heat? Torture! But footwear labels tapped the season’s velvet trend with lightweight constructions and airy silhouettes, meaning you can wear them without completely burning up.

5 Ways To Make Your Floral Dresses Looks More Pretty

5 Tips To Make Your Dresses Looks Pretty

At this point, a floral dress for spring can feel so trite and done—until you pair it with something as unexpected as a pair of laced-up hiking-inspired boots. The toughness from the boots hardens the delicacy and preciousness from ditsy florals and sweet pastels. The end result? A look that's wonderfully rugged, yet effortlessly pretty—a look that could convince people that you could scale a mountain or hike the PCT no problem. Embrace the combo with seven floral dress-and-hiking boot pairings.