House Slippers Are Overrated. Get These Instead

Homes turned to offices when orders were enacted along with also the need to delineate between both became evident. We scrambled to brace for impact, but also to accommodate for our new normals, eyeing everything and to adapt. We realized our home decor lacked desk chairs and desks. We didn't understand how to bake bread, let alone have the proper ingredients and tools to achieve that. While many still get dressed to go to the office (kitchen tables, as it happens, are desk height), others stay loyal pajama stans. You have probably pondered that pair for if you're like the many who have realized that their shoe lineup is missing a pair of house slippers. You are all of the time.

However, you don't need house slippers. I'm not saying they aren't comfortable or cozy or that they don't keep your feet clean from floors. But I am saying they're not versatile. And within our state, once the office is the house, slippers simply won't do.

A set of slippers that are non-slipper are. They are a hybrid between home and work, in and comfortable place in either setting. They could be ribbons, they could be shoes, they could be clogs. Hell, they can even be dress shoes. Whatever they are, they should be laceless. Laces are but of tying your shoes, the act says something else. It does not say"I'm chilling at home now," rather, it ties a bow to the phrase,"I am going out."

Like a pair of house slippers, shoes with no laces aren't fussy to enter. You can slip into them readily a luxury when your body is not all the way ready to wake up, with no ritual of tying up. And they are just as easy to slide out of if you decide you need five minutes beneath the covers.

But there is a significant difference that these shoes are equipped to have the outside world if need be, and if that need is groceries. Whether it's a pair of espadrilles, loafers, moccasins or shoes, the pair of shoes that are laceless have more support. When you've obtained a sprightly golden retriever who's batteries are overloaded, you're better off keeping pace than a conventional pair of lace.

A pair of slip-ons knows go but when to wake up and when to cool. It can navigate play function and comfort, all simultaneously or each at a moment's notice. It's still pretty damn great at all of them, although that may qualify it to Master of None's title.