How To Choose Your Wedding Hair Style

There are about 4 color skin of human:white,black,yellow and brown.Different colored skin has different wedding hair style.As for brides,your wedding hair style should match with your skin color.Now let tell you how to choose the wedding hair style.


• People with deep skin tones  will usually have dark brown eyes.
• Your skin looks healthiest in brightly hued clothing, like royal purple or green. • The darker your skin tone is, the easier you can pull off more intense colors on your lips. Plums, reds and deep burgundies look great with your skin.• The veins on your wrist have a purple tint.• You can pull off both silver and gold jewelery.


Medium Skin

Not only can this versatile complexion carry a wide spectrum of shades, but it also provides a beautiful backdrop for high-contrast highlights. People with cool skin like Cameron Diaz should stick to ashy tones like sand, wheat blond, or walnut brown to counteract any hint of ruddiness in your complexion. Tawny blond, golden caramel, or copper pick up the buttery tones and prevent sallowness in warm skin.


Olive Skin

This sultry skin type can stand up tot he intensity of a deep, rich brown, or an earthy color.Add some strategically placed highlights in a subtle gold or honey if you want to create depth. To balance greenish undertones in cool complexions like Alex Chung's, try toasty hues like chestnut brown, auburn, and cinnamon. Ebony brown, mocha, and violet-based colors will enhance the natural warmth of tones.


Dark Skin

The whole idea here is to create contrast between your hair and your complexion-whether that means going lighter or darker, explains Dorram. "If your hair color is too close to your skin tone, your features will disappear." Deep, dark tones of espresso and inky black look striking next to blue-based complexions like Alex Wek's. If you have warm skin like Viola Davis, opt for maple brown, mahogany, toffee, and other rich, warm colors to bring out the apricot undertones in your skin.