How To Prevent The Blister

New shoes are already a struggle to break in, and paired with the current summer heat wave, it’s basically a breeding ground for blisters.Wearing cute new shoes is pretty much the best feeling ever – that is, until you’re halfway through the day and already limping from painful blisters. Here is what you need to do = when you feel your new sandals starting to rub you the wrong way.

How to prevent blisters from even happening in the first place? A product like Compeed’s Anti-Blister Stick , which goes on clear over any areas that you know are blister-prone, will reduce rubbing to begin with.

In this case, Band-Aids are actually not the best option here. They might last an hour or so, but the chances that they’ll stay all day are slim. Instead, try carrying moleskin with you, so you have it around when a blister flares up. It’s thicker and stickier, so it has a better chance of holding up throughout the day. When you feel one coming on, simply cut a small piece down to the proper size and place it over painful areas.  Dr. Sholl’s Moleskin Rollhas been a lifesaver lately as I’ve been trying to break in new shoes in NYC. You can even put it on at the beginning of the day if you know you might have some trouble breaking in a particular pair of shoes.