I always wear my elevator shoes

It has never occurred in 15 decades of flying to me. However, of course there is an outside possibility that some frighten might make scanners aware of odd or different things. It's clear to me that an operative could notice of course. But what?

There's one that's well worth bearing in mind and an additional consideration here. Be well prepared. Let us suppose you have had a bad trip, there's a sudden massive frighten about footwear, and that the safety guard in a country not really covered by human rights legislation protects against you and asks you something about your boots. Well the simple answer is:"I've been advised that I must use an insole once I fly as it REALLY helps stop difficulties over Deep Vein Thrombosis". Adding"you ought to try it REALLY works''' with a grin if it seems right. And longer.

But I have just done a quick add up while writing this, and if I have travelled 1,400 times on a plane within 15 years and never once been questioned, what chance do you think you might have on your journeys of being grilled and stopped about your boots?

A caution -- I believe that the odds are nearly 100% for you if you wear elevators. With lifts (or extra lifts since I wear) it is merely as easy for you to pop these in your bag (go to the restroom on the way through and take them out) if you are feeling awkward. I felt that lifts were likely to be noticed but I state mine never have been.

A side stage -- a few fear about taking their shoes/boots off at after that, shock horror and security , appearing shorter. Get it over. No-one is appearing when you're in that stressful circumstance and at minor modifications such as this -- they are totally fretting about if somebody is gonna take a peek at them for carrying a packet of chewing gum in their hand luggage or forgetting to have a key from their pocket. Not interested in'more little' you. You continue, put them back on and get the other side. I take my 4" elevators off (with their additional lifts!) , push them in the tray, walk through, put everything back take the boots off the tray and sit down and set them back on and continue. If you're with people or someone and are really bothered about this aspect, undergo first, get while they are still messing around through safety it sorted and put your footwear back on. I often in that scenario to never stand up. But your fellow travelers won't notice because I said. For most flying is stressful and also a time when you're focused on your own rather than others.