Vilhelm Parfumerie Don’t Tell Jasmine ~ new fragrance

Vilhelm Parfumerie Don’t Tell Jasmine ~ new fragrance

A new fragrance named Don't Tell Jasmine is launched by Niche line Vilhelm Parfumerie.

The seemingly effortless seduction of jasmine…a direct emotional connection to the senses. Enhanced with lemon, kir and petal musk.

Vilhelm Parfumerie Don't Tell Jasmine is available now at Barneys, $245 for 100 ml Eau de Parfum.

Vilhelm Parfumerie Don’t Tell Jasmine ~ new fragrance

Katy Perry to Launch a Mermaid-Approved Makeup Line

Katy Perry to Launch a Mermaid-Approved Makeup Line

California Girl Katy Perry is about to launch the perfect mermaid-approved makeup line everybody was waiting for, and it comes just in time for the sunny springy days!

Made in collaboration with CoverGirl, Katy Perry’s mermaid-inspired makeup line is dropping both online at, and in brick-and-mortar stores between March and April accordingly. More items from the collection are also expected to debut during summer.

Philosophy Pure Grace Summer Surf ~ new fragrance

Philosophy Pure Grace Summer Surf ~ new fragrance

Here is a new fragrance launched by Philosophy, Pure Grace Summer Surf. It is a new limited edition flanker to Pure Grace.

Pure Grace Summer Surf is a limited-edition fragrance inspired by the spirit of a beautiful summer day. It’s a warm breeze on your face, a whisper in your ear as it beckons you toward the sunshine. Soak in its carefree warmth, as each ray of sunlight makes you feel pure, whole, and new again. This is freedom. This is grace. Because when your heart is filled with grace, every day feels like summer.

Sublime Citrus Scents

Sublime citrus scents

My ambitions don’t reach as far as world domination like Napoleon Bonnaparte, fragrances suffused with citrus nevertheless feature prominently in my perfume wardrobe. Few aromas are more uplifting and rejuvenating, and their versatility makes colognes an easy fragrance type to adapt to various moods and occasions.

Calvin Klein Deep Euphoria ~ fragrance review

Calvin Klein Deep Euphoria ~ fragrance review

I am in favor of the fancy niche fragrances, such as the Calvin Klein Euphoria.  I have made a visit to Lord & Taylor during a lunch break, spraying some Euphoria on my arm, and swooning in delight. I couldn't wait to describe my reaction on MakeupAlley that evening: "Oh my! I felt as though I'd been kissed."

The Best Beauty Looks From Fall Couture 2016

Peter Phillips gave the Fendi models "strong eyeliner (Dior art pen) and some sheer XL-glitters." For their hair, Sam McKnight chose tight ringlets swept back into half updos.

Pat McGrath balanced ruffle collars with a minimalist glow, while Guido Palau framed faces with gold wire bands, collected into a low pony.

Tips To Get Better Skin--Vitamin C

Ideal for a myriad of skincare issues including sun damage, acne scaring, collagen depletion, and aging concerns, vitamin C is like a cure-all for the face (just like it is for the immune system).Vitamin C is a favored beauty ingredient because it achieves three very important complexion goals: It lightens, tighten, and brightens the complexion. 

Step By Step To Do Your Dreamy Wedding Makeup

How To Do Your Wedding Makeup In Natual Way

I have been known to tap into my inner makeup artist over the years. So when it came time for my wedding, I couldn't resist taking on the task of creating my own wedding-day makeup look. But with photos that live on for the rest of our lives, I knew I needed just a little help, so I enlisted top makeup artists at Nars to give me a tutorial. If you're thinking of your wedding makeup, try these genius tips.

TipsTo Make Your Eyes Look Charming-Cat Eye Makeup Is A Great Chioce

How To Make A Charming Cat Eye

The best thing about the cat eye is that it has managed to reinvent itself over and over again for decades. From its early years as the sleek eye look of Old Hollywood starlets to its modern standing as a versatile vehicle for makeup lovers to show off their creativity, the cat eye hasn’t lost its luster.