Marine jewelry theme – let’s take a bit of sea mood to the cold season

Hello! I am back and I really greatly missed you! I spent a great week at the seaside and it  inspired me a lot. That is why today I want to talk with you about marine jewelry theme. It will be very popular  for the end of August, as well as for the next autumn. I’ll tell you about a lot of adornments, and it’s even more than brooches in the shape of anchors. But, first of all – a bit of history.

Marine jewelry style emerged in the early twentieth century. And in the 60s talented designer Jean Schlumberger, a guest jeweler in Tiffany & Co, has embodied his ideas in precious stones and metals in the stunning beauty of marine jewelry. Unusual creatures of nature have become in his hands jewelry items of enchanting beauty. Jean Schlumberger particularly made sea inhabitants alive: starfishes, sea urchins, fishes, seashells.

Then there was born brooch in the form of fish that flashed with precious metals and stones, brooch – “Starfish” pendant – “seahorse”, all kinds of shells, iridescent gems, jewelry, and many other parts of deep fantastic world.

In the new 2017 we will face a completely different fashion styling: marine jewelry theme, attributes that inherent to the Victorian era and even futuristic eclectic! Palette of colors for the new season will also dazzle with variety – from ambiguous shades of neon and metal deposition  to calm and balanced range of pastel colors and classic white, gathered in one monolook.

Jewelry with Goldfish

Among the most popular figures of the underwater world there is a goldfish. It is a symbol of success and fulfillment of desires, even the most incredible and unexpected. It has become a reliable talisman for those who wish to take the leading place in society. So any adornment with this character will become a hit.

Marine jewelry rings

Rings, with a sea turtle, studded with diamonds, sea anchors, sailboats, starfishes should also enter your list of mandatory marine purchases.

Tommy Hilfiger marine jewelry view

In Tommy Hilfiger ready-to-wear Fall-Winter 2016-2017 collection there are lots of light feminine silk and chiffon dresses, blouses with bows, satin dresses and pajama-style suits. But the main theme is marine. One of the most interesting details is that almost every image is complemented with choker –  hit of this and next season. And this is not just a choker, it is the first adornment in my sea-list. It can perfectly support your mood and image with a fighting spirit of the sea!

This fashion brand has always been famous for the perfect combination of three major marine colors: red, blue and white. At this time designer invited fashionistas in the trans-Atlantic journey. Here you will also find chokers and earrings with pearls.

Marine theme is traditionally considered to be summer theme.

Therefore, in his collection fall-winter 2016-2017, presented at New York Fashion Week, Tommy Hilfiger decided to break down stereotypes and presented a lot of jewelry, inspired by the conquerors of water. Models paraded on the catwalk-ship! And frankly, I think that is wonderful.