Blue and White: A Winning Combination


The white and blue color pairing is synonymous with elegance and the chic nautical trends which make their way to wardrobes of trendy people around the world each summer. However, you don't have to wait until summer to show these colors off. Spring is on its way and the time is perfect for styling a number of those white and blue color trends of the season.

This is an easy-to-style watch, you won't regret having it.


With its open heart dial with a mother-of-pearl design, the Hamilton Jazzmaster Open Heart offers endless fascination. The open heart design mesmerises onlookers with the complexities of its Calibre H-10 automatic movement. Offering unrivalled reliability and precision, the watch promises an impressive 80-hour power reserve – a testament to how strength and beauty complement and complete one another.

The hard work of the craftsman makes each work unique

that shoes

Each customer needs to wear noticeable and identifying creations, modeled in their personality, that improve the style, be it formal or casual. , with its lift shoes, wants to provide emotions -- that great feeling on your own, gaining extra inches in height, sporting refined and well-made shoes that are always trendy and produced with raw materials that are precious.

Elevator casual shoes perfectly blend fashion and comfort

Tech-utility connects the relationship between real and virtual together with specialized fabrics effective at enhancing the tailoring of the products to adhere as closely as possible to the needs of the contemporary man. GuidoMaggi hits the target with lively and daring sneakers, a fashion that, departure from urban to sporty chic is supported as quirky and inimitable, matching every ensemble, even the most classic one.

A Guide——To Men's Shoe Colour Combinations

If it is true that a man's outfit is evaluated out of his up shoes, then it's their shade that first colours somebody's judgement. Footwear, like everything else in menswear, has grown less rigid lately -- nowadays you can wear Oxfords with jeans and trainers with a suit. But the key to pulling either off would be in colour-matching; get the color wrong, and you're able to look as a car salesman about a night or as you've changed into your comfy shoes on your commute.


lady suit

It's jeans When there is one garment which can please everyone! When the weather is cooler, more denims that are stylish and comfy are a must! However, 1 question remains... Could we wear them to the workplace? The answer is yes, IF you wear them suitably, unless contrary indications of your company! Here is how:


On the weekend, you can wear flared, tight tight jeans with no concern. However, for the workplace, the most classic jeans are jeans. Wear them with heels or using ankle boots and hem!