Intronducing The Shoes From M. Gemi

Growing up in Sicily, Maria developed strong relationships and learned the luxury footwear trade from the best in the business. Her passion, knowledge, and experience come through in everything they make.In addition,M.Gemi is named after one of the founding members, Maria Gangemi, a longtime devotee of Italian craftsmanship and artistry. 

The Fashion Style List Of July

When it comes to summer style,temperatures are getting stickier so we’re turning up the dial. Our basic uniform this time of year is a solid, flowy jumper or sundress, preferably off the shoulder or with a fun accent, with a pop of color from fun accessories.Whether your closest beach may be Dewey, Ditch Plains, Lake Michigan, or beyond (lucky you!), punchy accents are keeping us summer ready and in total vacation mode.

How To Prevent The Blister

New shoes are already a struggle to break in, and paired with the current summer heat wave, it’s basically a breeding ground for blisters.Wearing cute new shoes is pretty much the best feeling ever – that is, until you’re halfway through the day and already limping from painful blisters. Here is what you need to do = when you feel your new sandals starting to rub you the wrong way.

Tips For Buying Clothes

Remember that dress you swore you'd wear every day for the rest of your life, but ended up wearing only once? Or the trendy skirt you bought because all the fashion bloggers and celebrities were wearing it even though it doesn't necessarily flatter your curves?We're all guilty of buying things we thought we'd need at least once in our lives. To help you make sure that you don't spend a single peso on an item that you'd never wear, we're listing down five tips for making a purchase: