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The New Trend in Office Wear: Comfort

Debra Bar is head of marketing at Bank Leumi in New York, but her office wear these days doesn’t scream “bank executive.” She has purged her closet of business suits, replacing them with colorful dresses that she enjoys wearing more. Her heels are gathering dust in a desk drawer while she dons flat shoes, and even sneakers, since injuring her knee.

“No one really notices that I’m not wearing heels every day,” she says. “As long as you look nice, no one cares anymore. There’s no dress code.”

Victoria’s Secret sparks outrage with ad campaign marketing lingerie as office wear

victoria's secret

A flash of lace here, a bra strap there — it’s not unheard of for a peek of private lingerie to make an appearance in an otherwise public outfit. But how far is too far?

Victoria’s Secret is finding out the hard way, after the brand’s recent ad campaign promoting a more high-profile role for your underwear has sparked a passionate reaction online

victoria's secret