Prada brand value is reflected in the design and modern lifestyle blending water and milk

Brand value: Prada brand value is reflected in the design and modern lifestyle blending water and milk , reflected in the grasp of consumer psychology , not only in the fabrics, colors and styles work , the design philosophy of life that happened to fit behind the modern pursuit of immediate practical dual appearance with the popular mentality , function and aesthetics in perfect balance between , not only the fashion show, more modern aesthetic.

Quality requirements : adhere to the British imported sterling silver, the best skin imported from China , shipped from Bohemian crystal , and even personally designed leather goods, to strictly control has always been known for the quality of German production , showing its pursuit of perfection attitude. Purchase of the crowd : Female from 16 to 50 years old are Prada purchase of the crowd .

Brand Temperament: like a very distant name , which represents the cold, and arrogant , tough distinctive temperament.

Personality orientation: represents Wears Prada has masculine , independent , intelligent, strong , assertive , sharp , and able to shopping malls, and other diplomatic occasions before the public rage of women. Therefore, all packets Prada clothes are white or black. Never not spend in fancy fashion .

Image Orientation : Prada has been successful in maintaining their own image positioning - no-frills feeling. It is adept at using distinct lines and mysterious dark to create a simple and functional feel.

Customer qualities: Prada qualities also happens to be on behalf of a woman wearing Prada also has a determination of the heart ; wear Prada later, so that they , whether in a company or party must become a focal point , every person 's eyes can only stay on them , because Prada has given them the glory of life , highlighting their wisdom, so that they become a star in the dark among the flashing.