How To Prevent The Blister

New shoes are already a struggle to break in, and paired with the current summer heat wave, it’s basically a breeding ground for blisters.Wearing cute new shoes is pretty much the best feeling ever – that is, until you’re halfway through the day and already limping from painful blisters. Here is what you need to do = when you feel your new sandals starting to rub you the wrong way.

Moschino Resort 2017 Collection Is Colorful And Playful

Moschino Resort 2017 Collection

When you live in Los Angeles, there are inevitably things that you lovingly or derisively call “so” LA. That time that guy you think was on "The Bachelor" a few seasons ago hit on you, when Obama comes to town and traffic is so bad you can't leave the house for 48 hours, or when your friend is on a cleanse so it’s best for everyone to just not hang out with her for its duration. But Friday night's Moschino show was maybe the most fun “so” LA thing I've ever experienced.

Top5 Anticipated Sneakers Launched In This Month

New Men's Sneaker Released In June

There are many new sneakers will be released in june.. It’s a Nike vs Adidas game this time around with the two biggest players offering up some of their coolest gear. Somewhere in there is also a stray Thom Browne sneaker that’s keeping things clean and simple for the luxury hunters.

Velvet Shoes That Perefect For This Summer

Anticipated Velvet Shoes For Summer 2016

So the summer will coming soon. People will choose a new shoes for their holiday and work. We know what you’re thinking: velvet in the summer heat? Torture! But footwear labels tapped the season’s velvet trend with lightweight constructions and airy silhouettes, meaning you can wear them without completely burning up.