Ulysse Nardin Imperial St. Petersburg Maxi Marine Chronometer Enamel Special Edition Watch

In compliance using the lengthy standing tradition of moniker elongation for top value, high exclusivity luxury watches, the latest special edition Ulysse Nardin doesn't dissatisfy. Nothing under eleven words constitute this brand new watch targeted strictly in the wealthy Russian crowd. The Ulysse Nardin Imperial St. Petersburg Maxi Marine Chronometer Enamel Special Edition watch uses the timepiece lust in Russia's uber-wealthy recently minted quasi-aristocratic class. Without talking about present day Russia, it's understandable that there's an increasing type of watch loving wealthy Russians.

If you wish to know in which the wealth around the globe is, take a look at watch company marketing efforts. They're interested in finding old and new money to peddle their items to. And just what wonderful peddlers they may be, with fine wares and artistic masterpieces. Benefiting from high buying energy, watch companies make beautiful and amazing watches and watch novelties for sale with a choose couple of. For that wealthiest still, custom watches and products are produced. This item is really as much a focal point because it is a watch.

The Ulysse Nardin Imperial St. Petersburg goes right to the historic passion for Faberge eggs through the Russian royalty. Although there's a Faberge watch manufacturing company (no regards to Ulysse Nardin), nobody supports the privileges to egg decoration and gilding! The Imperial St. Petersburg whitened enamel dial watch is available in a fancifully decorated gold and gemstone decorated enamel egg situation. The stand sits on gold anchor formed ft featuring legendary sites from St. Petersburg. The egg situation opens by having an inner compartment situation for that watch. It's a serious indication of design for decorated eggs the Czars loved.

The timepiece itself is dependent on the Maxi Marine model. Such as the egg, we have an enamel dial, with colored numbers and also the St. Petersburg bald eagle shield. The special edition watch is restricted to 30 watches, and every is created in platinum having a gold rotor visible with the caseback window. Inside is really a Ulysse Nardin Quality Not-26. The automated movement is licensed like a Chronometer. Further, the timepiece has 200m water proofing diving for caviar anybody?


Overall it's a rather regal searching watch. The Maxi Marine collection has always were built with a turn from the century  (not this 4g iphone) maritime look, and also the 43mm wide platinum situation and black alligator strap are certain to create a wealthy look. The audience is certain to love the timepiece, because it remembers a period in Russia which it's individuals are proud. Around they tend not to admit I believe most nations be proud of their Imperialistic eras.