Very worth seeing and exciting

The Elevator showroom, starting in Milan on 1st December -- it's the elevator showroom anywhere in the world where prior to purchasing, you can try on stuff and see leathers and styles. And discretion and secrecy's options are well covered.

I know what you're saying or may be thinking --"No way do I wanna go into someplace and be seen trying on lifts. Aaaargh!" . That is nicely covered. As it's about the luxurious first floor of a historical 18th century building, the place is unobtrusive, with no windows and its own entrance to the world.

So that you can try on all sorts of things in discretion and secrecy. For most, buying on the internet is just great but there's nothing like being able to really observe the footwear --"we've realised that for many, they need somewhere they can actually try (and even personalise) boots or boots they can view, maybe take a look at the various leathers and styles and speak to the specialists who will give you the ideal style tips," says Emanuele Briganti of GuidoMaggi.

The showroom is at the Brera district 18, of Milan, Via Fiori Chiari. Milan is an easy trip from around Europe as well worth a trip.