5 Most Stunning Timepieces At SIHH 2016

5 Most Striking Watch At SIHH 2016

There are lots of watches will launch at SIHH 2016. Watchmakers will make something new for their new model,such as new design,groundbreaking movementsis.But those 5 luxury brands their watches are most anticipated:

Raymond Weil timepiece with a contemporary look

Raymond Weil  timepiece with a contemporary look

The flagship freelancer collection, launched by the third generation now at the helm of the family business, evokes the independence and visionary spirit of the Company's founder. Blending polished steel, slate grey dial and orange detailing, the new freelancer has retained a distinctive personality and a style all of its own.

Omega Speedmaster ‘Tropical’ Brown Dial Vintage Watch

Omega Speedmaster ‘Tropical’ Brown Dial Vintage Watch

A flaw in the manufacturing process of black dials used on the Omega Speedmaster Professional line of watches resulted in the occasional fading of the dial to a shade of brown, sometimes described as “tropical brown” or “chocolate” from approximatly 1957 to 1965.Long sought after by collectors, anyone who has looked into purchasing a used Omega Speedmaster Professional will be familiar with their extreme prices in relation to non-faded pieces. What caused this defect, and what underlies the huge premiums required to bring one of these watches into your collection? Now we will find out.